Djangae-scaffold provides a good skeleton project setup with various security libraries included and settings configured as a starting point.

Djangae also provides the following features to aid security:

Security Middleware is a Django middleware which patches certain parts of App Engine and its libraries, specifically:

  • It wraps the fetch and make_fetch_call functions of google.appengine.api.urlfetch to make the following changes:
    • The default value of the validate_certificate argument is changed from False to True.
    • If the url argument starts with http rather than https then a warning is logged. This doesn't block execution.
  • The Python yaml library is patched so that the default loader is yaml.loader.SafeLoader in order to prevent arbitrary Python code execution.
  • The Python json library is patched so that the default encoder class escapes the HTML entities <, > and &.

This middleware applies the patches and then raises django.core.exceptions.MiddlewareNotUsed so that it does not re-apply the patches on subsequent requests. Note that in tests which don't load any middleware the patches will not be applied.

dumpurls Management Command

Use the dumpurls management command to generate a report listing all the configured URL patterns in your project.

For each pattern, the report shows the regular expression for the full path, the Python dotted module name for the view that handles requests, and the names of decorators that may have been applied to the view.

Supports the following optional parameters:

  • --show_allowed_methods HTTP methods supported by this view (CBVs only)
  • --show_class_parents CBVs only. Shows which classes this view inherits from
  • --output_file_type Export dumpurl data to a json or csv file. Choices: json or csv

CSRF session check

The built in Djangae checks enforce the use of session-based (rather than cookie-based) CSRF tokens. To satisfy this check either the CSRF_USE_SESSIONS setting must be True, or Mozilla's session-csrf app must be installed and configured.