Djangae 2

The best way to run Django on Google App Engine.

Djangae (jan-gee) is a Django app that allows you to run Django applications on Google App Engine.

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Note: Djangae is under heavy development, stability is not guaranteed. A 2.0 release will happen when it's ready. If you are looking to use Djangae on Python 2, then take a look at the 1.x branch


  • Hooks to manage a series of Google Cloud emulators to simulate the Google App Engine environment locally
  • A tasks app which implements "deferred" tasks on Google Cloud Tasks, and functions for iterating large datasets
  • Utility functions to discover information about the running environment
  • A series of security patches and checks to improve the security of your project
  • Test utils for testing code that uses the Cloud Tasks API
  • Apps for cross-request locking and efficient pagination on the Google Cloud Datastore

Supported Django Versions

Djangae currently supports Django 2.2.